The Captain Parties Like It Is 1998

This past weekend I attend the Hazelwood West 1998 ten-year reunion.  But Captain, didn’t you graduate in ’96?  Yes I did, but my lovely wife graduated in 1998 as did my sister.1

As cheesy as reunions are, we both had a pretty good time.  The organizers did a great job of keeping the cost low, while still making the event relatively classy.  Check us out swanking up the joint.

My wife was rather involved in high school, and knew many of the guests in attendance.  Having recently moved back into town, this was a great way for her to catch up with several friends.

I actually knew quite a few ‘98ers myself, and it was nice to catch up with all the out-of-towners.  My main man D was in attendance, and showed up in style as usual.

I had pretty low expectations heading in to the reunion.  I figured the advent of MySpace and Facebook would really take the excitement out of reunions.  I am already cyber-friends with most of the people I knew at the reunion, so I knew there would not really be any mind-blowing revelations.  I already knew who was married, who was living far away, who was skinny-and-now-fat, who was still living with their parents, and who was fat-and-now-skinny.

Even with no revelations, the evening was still surprisingly fun.  What makes a reunion interesting is having so many familiar faces under one roof.  Weddings are really the only time a wide array of friends manage to gather in one room, and weddings are full of old people.  It’s rare to have a joint full with people roughly the same age.

My favorite moment of the night was the simultaneous excitement and embarrassment I felt watching my wife celebrate across the dance floor when she was announced as the winner of the trivia contest.  No one can revel at being the smartest girl in the room quite like my little nerd.  Good job sweetie.

Still, the killer bag of West swag she won made it all worth it.  The prize bag, like the whole weekend, was a nice reminder of all the good times back at the HW.


The Captain

1  My sister did not attend her own reunion, which sucked big time for me.  This meant I was forced to update twenty people on the last decade of my sister’s life.  Towards the end of the nite I started making stuff up, such as “Have you heard that story where the girl wakes up in a hotel bathtub full of ice, missing both of her kidneys?  That was my sister!”

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