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As some of you may already know, I was really into comic books when I was a kid.  In my teen years I gravitated towards the darker comics like Sandman and Preacher .  Dark comics still fascinate me, so it was no big surprise that I was highly anticipating The Dark Knight.  Everything about this film appealed to me.

With much excitement I hit Ronnie’s on Friday nite with the rest of the nerds in St. Louis.  Of course I loved the movie, but enough has already been said about the film’s greatness so I won’t bother.  Instead, I want to discuss anticipation.  Today I started thinking about how long I’ve been looking forward to both The Dark Knight and Grand Theft Auto IV.  Now that I’ve experienced both, I felt a twinge of emptiness this morning.

I rather enjoy the feeling of anticipation.  Often times the idea of something I’m looking forward turns out to be better than the actuality.  While both Batman and GTA lived up to my expectations, the abstract notion of what these would become was just as exciting.  So in order to combat this now lack of anticipation I was feeling, I decided to compile a list of upcoming things that excite me.

Top 5 Things I Am Eagerly Anticipating

1.  A Jane’s Addiction Reunion with Eric Avery

Back in April, the original line-up of my favorite band, Jane’s Addiction, played together for the first time in sixteen years.  The original broke up before I had a chance to see them, and now there is talk of a proper reunion tour.  The main song-writer and my favorite member, Eric Avery, has refused to play with the band since they split after Lollapalooza ’91.  According to his blog , he is considering touring with Jane’s sometime soon.

This is about as exciting as it gets for me.  I saw Jane’s in Chicago back in ’97, when they had Flea stand in for Eric.  It was a great show, but I could definitely tell Flea wasn’t quite comfortable playing the songs.  While Flea could be considered a good replacement for any bass player, his slap-style didn’t quite fit with Jane’s.  The anticipation of seeing the whole band together has been enough to hold me over for years.  Hopefully it will actually happen.

2.  Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming Bruno movie

I’ve been a big fan of Baron Cohen’s since his Ali G days.  My favorite character of his was always Bruno, the gay Austrian fashion reporter.  I love him so much I used his best sketch for my Ach, Ja and Nicht Nichts .  Hilarious reports have already begun to surface about him parading around as Bruno for the film.  The film is scheduled to be released next May, and I can’t wait.

3.  Mad Men on DVD

With the typical lack of anything worthwhile on television, I am stoked that Mad Men is cued up on Netflix.  This show garnered a whopping sixteen Emmy nominations and has been hailed by almost everyone.  Plus, the second season starts on Sunday July 27.  Looks like it’s time for a Lost style cram session!

4.  Jarvis Cocker Scoring The Next Wes Anderson Movie

These men made two of my favorites from the nineties.  Jarvis wrote one of the decade’s best albums, Pulp’s A Different Class.  Wes Anderson wrote one of the decade’s best films, Rushmore.  Combining the two for a stop-motion animated version of the kick-ass children’s book The Fantastic Mr. Fox should be a win-win.

5.  Jim Gaffigan coming to the Fox

I love stand-up comedy, and right now my favorite comic is definitely Jim Gaffigan.  If you haven’t seen him, he’s a pasty, overweight, balding Midwesterner who jokes about being a pasty, overweight, balding Midwesterner.  His typical jokes range from food to Catholicism to being lazy, or Meg’s trifecta of humor as I call it.  His last special, Beyond the Pale, is the best stand-up this decade has seen.  He’s getting ready to tape a new special, and he’ll be in St. Louis in September perfecting the material.  Check him out and go see him at the Fabulous Fox !


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