The Captain Lives Like A Bachelor

Today is the ninth day in a row I have lived in my loft alone.  I’ve been living the bachelor life for over a week now and boy can I tell the difference.

As I’m still happily married, I will never truly be a bachelor; I just played one at home this past week.  Megan has been staying at her parent’s house since last Monday to help them around the house.  Her nine day absence has created a rare portal that has briefly transported me back to my days as a bachelor.

As you can probably guess, the first thing to go was my pants.  Last Monday I unofficially dubbed my bachelor week as Epancipation ’09, and I’ve been lovineveryminuteofit since.  The other big thing to go was the air conditioning.  St. Louis had a freak cold front last week, and the temperatures have been amazing mild for July.  Yesterday was the first day since Meg left that I had to turn on A/C.

So, with nine whole nites to myself, how has the Captain been spending his time?  Ummm, I’m not really sure.  There’s been a whole lot of this:

Sitting around on the couch is the coolest!  Besides couch surfing, I’ve been busy finishing lots of little projects that I’ve put off for awhile, such as:

·        I finally did a Flickr update for the last month of pictures, including this gem from my summer league kickball team:

A drunk guy in a priest’s smock playing kickball, now that’s what I call a competition!

·        I’ve downloaded a ton of new music and have been working hard on my Modern Rock 2009 discs.  After feeling lackluster for several months about 2009’s musical offerings, I am finally excited about new music this year.  I really love the new albums by Band of Skulls, Elizabeth and the Catapult, Dinosaur Jr., and God Save The Girl.  But the real breakout has been Amazing Baby.  Their single Headdress and the corresponding video are my absolute faves at the moment.

Amazing Baby – Headdress – Uncensored from Shangri-La Music on Vimeo.

·        Perfectly timed with Comic Con ‘09, it’s been a regular Nerd Con ’09 on my Netflix cue.  I had Dave over last Tuesday1 to dork it up big time with me for the release of Watchmen on DVD.  Since then, I’ve made my way through all of the Director’s Label DVD series.  Man do I love good music videos, especially this one by Richard Ashcroft that manages to perfectly sum up my feelings on being a bachelor.

·        And updating the Quarters has of course kept me busy.  Well, more like the procrastinating involved with updating the Quarters has kept me busy.

Besides my ongoing projects, the differences that living like a bachelor creates have kept me busy.  Most noticeable and perhaps most humorous have been my attempts at cooking.  It’s been over three years since I had to feed myself for an entire week, and let’s just say I’m a little rusty.2 I’ve been raiding our kitchen for food for too long now; the fridge is bare and the pantry is barren.

Most of the other differences are small but still noticeable.  Facing the TV when I eat.  Talking for an hour on the phone.  Music in the background.  Baseball on the television.3 .  Leaving the seat up.  Talking to myself

Living the bachelor life has been a fun little throwback for me, but it’s starting to get a little old.  I’m excited for Megan to return home tomorrow.  But until then I have one more nite of Epancipation to enjoy.


The Captain

1  Before anyone makes a crude inference, let me state that I temporarily lifted the pants-free moratorium while Dave was in my loft.

2  Then again, I was never really that good to begin with…

3  How ‘bout them Redbirds!  I’ve watched the last seven Cardinals game from start to finish and it’s been a fun ride.  This revamped lineup is exciting to watch!

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