The Captains Summertime – Time To Sit Back And Unwind

Something about this summer so far has made me not want to do anything.  I mean nothing.  At all.

A big part of my general melancholy has been in response to Desmond’s injury.  It’s been quite the ordeal.

His surgery last week went much better than I expected, mostly due to the fact that I was ready for the worst.  About three weeks ago our Vet said that he had an infection where the bone was healing that would require surgery.  I asked the same question, “Are you sure this won’t heal on its own,” as many ways as I could think of before getting a definitive answer.  The vet finally had to say “If we don’t operate the infection will spread and we’ll have to amputate the leg.”

Now I’m known to be heartless sometimes, but even I couldn’t let the Vet chop off my puppy’s leg based solely on the price tag.  After a week’s delay waiting for surgery equipment, I signed off on the final $1,400 estimate for the surgery last Thursday morning.

As it turns out, the break had already managed to heal itself as I predicted.  The Vet sliced open his leg and found no need to operate.  Desmond got stitched up and was given a two week timetable for recovery.  Best of all, his self-healing knocked $1,000 off of the price tag1!

And while his surgery went well, the first two days of his recovery were hellacious.  With Desmond’s leg swollen from the surgery, the Vet couldn’t wrap it like normal.  Desmond’s leg needed time to heal in open air, which meant Desmond would have to wear a cone to prevent him from messing with the stitches.  From the get-go Desmond hated the cone.  We quickly dubbed it the Cone of Shame.

And Desmond was not having the Cone of Shame.  His fierce independence would not be restricted by such a shameful piece of plastic.  Desmond spent the first two days after the surgery constantly trying to rid himself of the Cone of Shame.  It distracted him to the point where he wouldn’t sleep or eat very much.  After two days of letting the swelling subside, he was able to get his leg wrapped again and ditch the cone.

Since then he’s been pretty much back to normal.  He’s getting his stitches out on Tuesday.  Hopefully then this two month ordeal will end and he can go back to being the charming little pup we all love.

Besides taking care of Desmond, I’ve mostly been laying around doing nothing for the past couple of weeks.  It’s been pretty sweet.  Megs and I made it through Season 1 of The Wire over the three day holiday weekend2, and I managed to reach 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption.

And while I always appreciate some down time, I’ve recently started feeling a bit too lazy.  As such, I’m making a concerted effort to get active this weekend.  I’m going to my first ARRG Roller Derby event on Saturday, and tomorrow I’m headed to the Loop to pick up tickets for two shows just announced at the Pageant.  I’m buying tickets for the Flaming Lips on September 17th and Band Of Horses on October 13th if anyone is interested.

And speaking of summer and music, I found some awesome FREE summer tracks online this week.  First, check out the Converse annual summer song, appropriately titled “All Summer” this year.

Second, and even cooler, check out this all summer mix just release by DJ Jazzy Jeff.  It’s super rad3!!!  So now I’m officially ready to cruise and layback cause it’s Summertime!


The Captain

1.  I would’ve been unhappy about having to pay for anesthesia for an unneeded surgery, but Desmond was also scheduled to have quite a few of his puppy teeth pulled so it was not a waste.

2.  We started Season 2 this week, but it hasn’t really hooked us yet.  Blue collar criminals on shipping docks just aren’t as exciting as drug dealers in the ghetto.

3.  I listened to it this mix all day today and I’m convinced that Jeff has now had a better post-Fresh Prince career than Will Smith.

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