The Captains Wedding Season Part One

As anyone in their late twenties1 can attest, frequent wedding attendance is pretty much mandatory.  Last year Megs and I attended a record six weddings.  We had a marathon stretch last spring that included four weddings in four separate states in the span of five weeks!  By comparison, 2008 is much lighter than 2007.  Three weddings, two states and five weeks is a much calmer pace.

Our wedding season stared two weekends ago with the wedding of my college buddy, Hippie Dave.  In college Hippie Dave sported the long-hair-tie-dye look common to many hippies.  Here’s Hippie Dave with the Hipster Captain back in the SMS days.

A lot has changed since those days.  He is currently known as Preppie Dave now that he sports the crew-cut-polo look.  Preppie Dave married his awesome girlfriend, Glasses Kelly2 on August 16 in a very unique ceremony at the Magic House.  Look at how happy they were!

For those non St. Louis types, the Magic House is an interactive children’s museum that is basically a catnip factory for kids.  Children were pretty much the theme of the evening.  Preppie Dave and Glasses Kelly are crazy about kids, so it was the perfect setting for quite a memorable wedding.

The wedding party featured 16 kids, including 3 sets of ring bearers/flower girls.  Out of the 200+ wedding guests, over 60 were under the age of ten.  They even had a separate chicken finger/apple sauce buffet line for kids!

Even though the reception was basically one big playground, it was still a little overwhelming being around that many children.  They were running wild while the adults were crowded around the bar.  Free booze + random children lead to these types of photos.

I have no idea whose kid this is.  He crawled into the fake dump truck where my buddy Jeff and I were sitting.

Luckily, I volunteered to DJ the event for Hippie Dave, so I had my own little area that was off limits to the hordes of roaming children.  Score!

Technology has made DJing a wedding unbelievably easy.  All I needed was a laptop, itunes and microphone.  DJing kept me occupied and was actually rather enjoyable.  The most challenging aspect was programming the music around a G-rating due to the the mass amounts of children.

Old friends, good times and plenty of kids made for a kooky and memorable wedding.  And it was a great contrast to the wedding we attended this past weekend.  But more about that tomorrow.  Until then, Preppy Dave and Glasses Kelly, this pose is for you!


The Captain

1  I’m in my twenties for one more week, so lay off.

2  This nickname is not an attempt to call her a nerd, it is quite the opposite.  Kelly works for an optometrist, and is known for having very stylish glasses.

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