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The Captain Is Going Where You Do Not Need Roads

The future is officially here.  Need proof?

That’s right, Nike has recreated the shoes Michael J. Fox wore in Back To The Future II.  They don’t have the automatic lacing that is seen in the movie, but this is still amazing.1

With the release of these shoes in July, how far can we be from recreating the best part of the movie, the hoverboard.

And allow me to drop a shameless hint regarding my 30th birthday:  I wear a men’s size 8.

Besides the future daydreaming, my weekend was not as eventful as I had imagined.  I hit the New Music Spotlight on Friday nite to see Sted Fast, who were actually rather good.  They were preceded by 13 Days, a band that helped remind me why I hate Metal.

On Saturday nite I tried to see the High Fidelity musical with Meg, but it was sold out!  Apparently there are more music geeks in St. Louis than I realized.  We hit Pin-Up Bowl instead, and wound up missing Spaceballs as well.

I’m still planning on the Zombie Double Feature on Tuesday nite.  Anyone who loves Zombies and Beer2 should come join me.

Also gonna try and check out my sisters new band, The Paper Dolls, on Thursday nite at Off Broadway.  And Friday, it’s time for this:


The Captain

1  Or as Marty would say, This is Heavy.

2  i.e. Bill

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