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The Captain Keeps The Receipt On A Used Dog

So, how did I spend my last wild three day weekend of my twenties?  At home trying out a dog!  Whooo!

With a weekend of down-time sandwiched in the middle of our busy wedding season, we decided to give living with a dog a shot.  Meg had her eye on a real cute medium-sized pooch that someone from the Humane Society had recommended.   Check out this cutie.

Her name is Sandy1, and she is a real sweet and mild-mannered two-ear-old-lab-mutt mix.  Sandy was dropped off at our loft on Saturday afternoon and stayed with us until Monday.  She was really friendly and loving all day weekend.  Here we are watching some Colbert Report on the DVR.

Things looked good until Sunday afternoon.  Apparently Sandy has a separation problem.  When Megan and I left to meet her parents for lunch, we received a call less than an hour later from our building’s manager.  Apparently, Sandy was barking loudly the entire time we were gone.  One of our neighbors even left a note on our door complaining about the barking.

The condo rules in our building are pretty specific in regards to doggies that like to bark.  With no margin for error, we were unable to keep the dog.  Megan was quite upset at returning Sandy, but our hands were tied.  While Meg was definitely more enthusiastic about owning a dog than me, I still was a little sad to see her go.  She seemed like a good fit for me, i.e. real cute, sweet, and lazy.2

So it looks like we will not own a dog as long as we remain in our loft.  As such, my resistance meter is now returning to 100%.  Some things are just not meant to be.


The Captain

1  We were definitely going to change her name if we kept her, mainly because that is the name of the dog in “Annie.”  Meg and I already have enough connections to that musical, thanks.

2  Just like my wife!

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