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The Captains Christmas Wrap-Up

I don’t wanna work today, Christmastime is near.  And I don’t care what management says, Christmastime is full of cheer.  I wish it was Christmas today!

Christmas is so near, in fact, that I’m finally done with all of the labor associated with the holidays!

I was able to finish my Modern Rock cds way ahead of schedule this year.

I had a great response to my yearly Modern Rock contest this year, the best ever!

While there were a lot of great suggestions, ultimately there was only one winner.  Congrats to my college roommate Eric and his winning song, Percussion Gun by White Rabbits.  I immediately loved this song, so much so that I managed to squeeze it on as the 21st track on Modern Rock 2009.

For winning the contest Eric will receive an exclusive copy of Modern Rock 2009 B-sides.  Basically he won a disc of all the songs I liked this year that didn’t make the final cut, which was a surprising amount.  Thanks again to everyone who participated this year!

I’ll be doing a full write up of my Modern Rock 2009 disc all next week as well as a write up of my Modern Rock Cover disc.  And speaking of covers, did everyone see Julian Casablancas’ cover of I Wish It Was Christmas on Jimmy Fallon?  If not you should definitely watch it.

Besides finishing my yearly discs, I have been kept busy with this furry little man in a sweater.

He’s been doing great with his potty training thus far, which is the reason he now has a sweater.  If it’s too cold outside he won’t empty, so we bought him a potty sweater.  He actually likes it!?!  Well, more like he tolerates it.  The only thing he really likes is chewing and biting, but he can do that with the sweater on so he’s cool with it.

Amidst all my busywork at home I actually found time for some Christmas socializing.  I managed to make it to the 5th annual Lang X-mas party!

That’s Matt, the host for the evening, wearing my sister’s white elephant gift, a handmade Who Farted? t-shirt.  Matt borrows my step-dad Santa suit for the party every year and lets everyone sit on his lap for pictures.  Here’s me and my sister doing the obligatory “Wasted on Santa” pic.

Besides pictures with Santa, the Lang Christmas Party has become known for the ridiculous gifts given in the white elephant exchange.  This year there were some great items, including a didgeridoo and a cookie cutter shaped like a fetus.1

My gift submission for the exchange was what I like to call the “North County Date For One”:  A can of Bud Dry and pintos and cheese from Taco Bell.  The gift received was this sweet little Fisher Price tape recorder.

Awesome!  The best gift of the nite by far was the handmade dick-towel, modeled here by my sister:

Comedy gold!

The basement of Jack Patrick’s was the perfect place for the party this year; they have a full size BotchiBall court!  The place was packed and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Here we are giving what I like to call “The Big Zark Smile.”

Now that all of our preparations are complete, Megan and I are looking forward to a nice relaxing Christmas with family and friends.  So to all my faithful readers, Merry Christmas from everyone here at the Captain’s Quarters.


The Captain

1  The box read “Fetal Bites:  America’s #1 Fetus Shaped Cookie Cutter,” thus applying that there is some competition in the fetal cookie market.

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