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The Captain Is A Cock Block

Today is a big day for Desmond, and I feel horrible about it.  Right now Desmond is at the Humane Society getting his furry little testicles removed.  I know it is for the best, but I still feel a little guilty about chopping his balls off.

Desmond has been a handful over the past two months.  With some things he is a huge pain in the ass and with others he is surprisingly calm; it’s hard to predict.  For instance, anything that falls on the ground in our house will immediately go in his mouth.  Here he is chewing on the tag to his sweater1

And here he is chewing on some cash.

Bitch better give Desmond his money!

While he may spaz out about the little things, Desmond is pretty calm about the big things.  Typical loud noises like thunder and the vacuum cleaner don’t faze him, and he was very calm for his first bath.

Desmond’s problems are mostly attributable to attentiveness and dominance.  While the hyperactivity is expected in a puppy, the dominance is a bit surprising.  Even though he’s a little guy, Desmond still thinks he is top dog.  We’ve tried to establish ourselves as in control over him, and we were mostly successful.  He treats me like an overbearing father and Megan as his loving mom, which means I’m the bad cop and she’s the good one.  We’re still working on a solution to this problem.

He is extremely excitable around other people and dogs, which was a bit of a problem in his first puppy class.  Desmond was so excited to see the other dogs that he had a hard time calming down for the lessons.  It was a six week class, and by the end he was doing much better.  Check out this sit.

Good boy!

Desmond was the smallest dog in class, and the only male.  It was actually quite funny to watch the littlest dog totally dominate the other five dogs.  Here is his graduation picture.

Even with all of his problems, Desmond is showing himself to be a really sweet little dog.  He is also a great drinking buddy.  Here is drinking gin & tonics with Dave.

And here he is living it up on martini nite with D.

For only being six pounds, that pup sure can hold his liquor.

While life with Desmond has taken a bit to get used to, on the whole I’ve had a great time with the little guy.  Which is why I feel so guilty about removing his manhood.  So let’s raise a glass to Desmond.  Thanks for taking one for the team.


The Captain

1.  Speaking of dog outfits, I am now determined to get a picture up of Desmond on my favorite new website, Hipster Puppies. I’m hoping that dressing him up in a sports jacket and big sunglasses will score him a spot.  Stay tuned.

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