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The Captain Is Already Second Guessing: MR 2011-10

After a forced two week hiatus Two For Tuesday is back!  First up this week is Walking Far From Home by Iron & Wine


This song, as well and my other selection this week, have officially started my second guessing problem in 2011.  Regular followers of my Modern Rock series know that one of the only hard and fast rules is no more than one song per group per disk.  This is usually not a problem, as so many artists nowadays are focused on creating a good single above a good album.  But when I come across a group or artist that has a few outstanding songs, or a solid album all the way through, I’m torn.  Which track merits inclusion at the expense of others? 

In the case of Iron & Wine, I’m having a hard time picking the best track off of their 2011 album Kiss Each Other Clean.  I’ve been listening to the album for months now, and I’m still not close to making a decision.  So at this point I’ve decided to start with the lead single and take it from there.  I like this song a lot, but there’s a very good chance it will be replaced by another Iron & Wine track by the end of the year.  Your thoughts?

Next up is Why Even Try by Theophilus London.

This is the second song by London I’ve loved this year.  Earlier this year I included his Flying overseas as a Tuesday pik.  And both songs are amazing; how cool is this guy!


On Why Even Try, the obvious 80s throwback is instantly memorable for the catchy hook and the female vocals from Sara of Tegan & Sara. Both tracks by London are probably in the my top ten songs of 2011 thus far, so selecting one over the other already looks to be difficult.  In years past I’ve opted to go with two Modern Rock discs to avoid this problem.  If I go chose this route in 2011, this is where the split officially started.




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