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The Captain Is Waiting For The Word

This week I’m still reeling from the amazing performances from An Under Cover Weekend.  I was not expecting such great performances, so it seems the unexpected is a great topic this 2 for Tuesday.  This week I’m looking at songs I would expect to hear from the internet’s biggest fans.  First up is Unless I’m Led by Mates Of States.

This band has been championed for years by @SecretlyStephie and for good reason.  They’ve been featured on a couple of my Modern Rock discs for perfecting the classic keyboard/drum sound.  Stephie went crazy when she met them back in 2008, which makes it all the more baffling she hasn’t mention their new album.  This track is one of the best they’ve released!  Did I somehow manage to beat the master to the latest  masterpiece?


Up next is another puzzling omission from another diehard fan.  Here’s The Sun The Sea And The Sky by Magnetic Fields.


Stephin Merritt – The Sun and the Sea and the Sky


When it comes to Twitter, I’ve been most impressed by the musical suggestions of @ContraYogini in 2011.  She she’s a big fan of my gal PJ Harvey, but I see her constantly posting her love for 69 Love Songs.  So when I heard that Stephen Merrill was releasing the long lost 70th Love Song by Magnetic Fields, I was shocked I didn’t hear it from her.  I guess the internet is a big place to get lost.  Still, glad to know I share the same taste with a couple of super hip chicks.



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