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The Captains Slow News Day

I opened up the Post-Dispatch early this morning and what did I see?  The screaming Santa picture from @SpeedyMick that I highlighted on Monday was the top story!


I also checked in on the Cardinals and couldn’t believe the news.  I was sad to see such a great player leave the Cardinals.  I was hoping we could hold on to him, but I think the team will still be fine without him.  Sure he left abruptly after winning a championship, but I guess to some players getting paid is more important that winning championships.  And besides, his stock as a righty was on the decline anyways.  Still, the bullpen is going to miss relief pitcher Octavio Dotel after he signed with the Detroit Tigers. 

On a different note, it’s only 8:00 am and no word on the Pujols signing.  I’m busy at work today, so I probably won’t have time to check the news till tomorrow.  But I’m assuming that Pujols is a loyal guy and wouldn’t gut the middle out of a team that put him on a silver platter, so no need to worry.  No way he’s the type of greedy swine that would abandon a town he says he loves just for a few more million dollars.  I’ll just plan on reading the “Pujols Resigns With Cardinals And Avoids Becoming A Humongous Dickbag” headlines tomorrow.  Till Then!


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