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The Captain Recognizes A Needed Addition

Today begins the second half of the baseball season, and the Cardinals are right where they were last season. They have the same record, 46-40, as they did at the start of the second half of 2011. And they have the same problem as they did last year: inconsistent starting pitching and a frustrating bullpen that are dragging down a powerful offense. Last year they were able to make a few key additions before the trade deadline that turn an above average team into a champion. I’m hoping Cardinals management makes a similar move before the trade deadline this year. Allow me to demonstrate the importance of the key addition.

Earlier this year I received a replica 2011 championship trophy as giveaway at the stadium. It was a decent door prize but a bit underwhelming.



It felt like something was missing, but I wasn’t quite sure what.  After a couple of months I noticed that the hole in the middle of the replica trophy looked familiar. It seemed to be a specific size – beer sized. Thinking that this probably wasn’t a coincidence, I grabbed my 2011 championship edition Budweiser aluminum bottle



And put it in the hole. And then, MAGIC.



It fit perfectly. And the result of two combined was much better than both separate. A key addition made for a champion. This is what the Cardinals needed last year, and it’s what they need this year. So come on John Mozeliak, make it happen. Let’s build another champion!


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