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The Captains Holidaze 2012

Before I jump into a full week of Modern Rock let’s take a #Friday5 look at what you missed over the past two weeks while I was off for the holidays.


Top 5 Highlights From My 2012 Holiday Break


1.  A quiet X-Mas at home

After all of the time and energy spent driving down to Florida for X-Mas last year, I enjoyed a refreshingly low-key celebration this year.  My sister hosted a gathering on the 23rd for my wacky extended family.  Here we are shoving my nephew into a guitar case.


johnny guitar


On X-Mas Eve I attended Mass with Meg and hung out with the immediate family at mom’s house.  It was extra festive this year with the addition of X-Mas Moustaches.


 xmas staches


The 25th was a gloriously lazy day spent lying around my home with the doggies.


paw to paw


And no holiday celebration is complete without Dierbergs’ dill dip!


dill dips


After a hectic year it was wonderful to finally relax with the family.


2.  Gifts

And what would the holidays be without gifts!


millie gifts


I did most of my shopping at online at this year.  My buddy Rina is finally leaving the t-shirt business behind after an impressive decade+ run, so I took the opportunity to get shirts for the whole family.  And as an added bonus Rina threw in a whole pile of can cozies.


 rina coozies


My sister even got in on the action and gave me this awesome shirt.  What a great send off for a local legend.

We received lots of great gifts, but a special shout out to my dad for this Cardinals grill spatula with built in bottle opener


 stl spatchula


And to my mom for this Darth Vader flash drive!


darth disk


3.  Drinks with Hurricane LJ

Holidays in St. Louis always involves a flood of out-of-towners returning home for a few days.  The highlight of this flood is the arrival of Hurricane LJ.


hurricane lj


We missed each other last year due to my Florida trip, so I was extra excited to see her this time around.  And she did not disappoint; that girl’s stories get better every year!


Normally the flow of pirated movies leaked online ramps up around Oscar season, but this year the stream had been damn near overwhelming.  In the past two weeks a tidal wave of DVD Screeners has hit the torrent sites.  Over the break I found legit copies of Skyfall, The Hobbit, Flight, Lincoln, This Is 40 and Killing Them Softly.  And this evening I discovered copies of Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty.  Hackers have turned my living room into a Cineplex!


5.  A loud NYE party at home

With our tanks refilled, it was time to go full speed for New Years Eve.  We had a big party planned at our house, but first we met the HW gang out at Pastaria for dinner.


 nye pastaria


And then the whole crew headed back to my place for drinks and goofy hats.  Even the doggies got in on the action.


 nye dudes


There were 13 of us to help ring in 2013


 NYE Group


Which made for one hell of a party.  Here’s the whole gang making some noise at the stroke of midnite.



It was a big ending to a very full year.  So let’s raise a glass to 2013!


 nye captain





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