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The Captain Declares This Captain Mike Week

First, the good news – Captain Mike is back home all week!  Woo hoo!  Sounds like a good time to break out the tequila!


shot 2


I was lucky enough to spend Sunday nite on a very busy weekend with Captain Mike.  Cocco came in from Indy and we had ourselves a little going away party.  Lucky for us Mikey had some cigars and margaritas to help us celebrate.


 Mar & Gar


All the celebration put me in a great mood and frame of mind.  Which helps to soften when bad news is just around the corner.  Mike is leaving in very soon for Afghanistan for a 7 month tour of duty.  But I’m trying to fill my head with positive thoughts about Mike instead of nervous thoughts.  So in that vein I’ve decided to declare this officially Captain Mike Week!

 fun park


I’ve got some great ideas for ways for his friends and family to help us send off Mike.  In fact, I have one that I’m going to need some help with from you.  I want everyone to find an old picture with you and Mike together and post it somewhere this week for #WaybackWednesday

I have a great picture ready to go, and I bet lots of people reading this have one too.  Maybe and old picture he hasn’t seen yet, or maybe a picture with a fond memory.  Let’s share our pictures somewhere on social media now while Mike has access to WIFI.  He’s got a little bit of time to appreciate civilization before heading out to the wilderness, so let’s help him enjoy what time he has at home.  I’ve got another great idea for sharing that I’ll discuss tomorrow, but for now let’s just focus on getting the party started.  Mike’s lovely wife Irene will help us to begin.


shot 1

1-2-3-Cheers to Captain Mike!



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