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The Captain Needs Some Suggestions To Send

Sunday nite I decided to declare this Captain Mike week, but the seeds of the idea were planted that morning.  I spent several hours gathering files on a flash disc to bring over to Captain Mike’s house.  I loaded up on lots of new music and films to pass along to Mikey for his long absence.  Nothing passes the time like a new song or film.  I ended up with 13 videos and 23 songs that will hopefully kill a few hours for Mike.

I would’ve included more, but that’s all I could think of at the time.  I started thinking about this later that evening, and I thought it would be a good topic for a #2For Tuesday generated through suggestions.  Let’s all recommend a film and a song for Captain Mike to bring with him to Afghanistan.  Here were my suggestions to get things started.


 Files for Mikey 1 Files for Mikey 2


The theme for both was “New” but they took on a different meaning for each one.  With the videos I was going for newish movies that I was pretty sure he hadn’t seen.  For the tunes, I grabbed the most recent songs that I’ve downloaded for 2013.  The whole point being that these are something Captain Mike doesn’t have yet.  He’s already bringing everything he can think of, so I was trying to suggest things he wouldn’t know about yet.  So how about some new suggestions for Captain Mike: a video or a song he should check out while he has time.  All submissions welcome!



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