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The Captains Kauai Week – Day Five

It’s the fifth and final day of Kauai week!  Here’s the rest of the fun stuff from the trip in another well timed Friday 5

Top 5 Bonus Bits From The Kauai Trip

1.  I spent a nite in LA on the way to Kauai

Getting to Kauai is always a bit of an ordeal; it’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!  We’ve found that planning fun little layovers really helps break up the long days of traveling.  On the way to Kauai we spent the night in Los Angeles at a nice hotel near LAX.  I had not been in LA in over ten years, so it was awesome to see a bit of the town again.  Also interesting was some of the responses I got while in town.  Apparently all the Dodgers fans were still pissed off about losing in the Playoffs in the previous month.  Let’s just say my Cardinals gear did not go too well with the locals.  Ha!




2.  On the way back I spent a morning in Seattle

We had a fun West Coast bookend both ways!  We booked a midnite flight out of Kauai so we could sleep the majority of the way across the big ocean.  I was asleep sound asleep until we touched down on a rainy Friday morning in Seattle.  A planned five hour layover gave us a couple of hours to run around town.  Seattle has wonderful light rail system that starts at airport and ends downtown.  I had never been to Seattle, so it was a great way to quickly see the sights.  Although I definitely wasn’t ready for the weather transition from warm and sunny to cold and windy!  But it was still awesome to be a tourist for a couple of hours.  We went to Pikes Place Market, of course


 Pikes Place


And Meg got to visit the very first Starbucks!


 1st starbucks


It was a great little bonus before heading home.

3.  The weather on Kauai was challenging

The first two trips we took to Kauai back in 2005 were mostly sunny and warm.  That was some incredible luck, as Kauai is one of the rainiest places on earth.  This time around we weren’t quite as lucky.  We had at least three afternoons cut short by rain.  It was much rainier than either trip from 2005.  But more rain means more rainbows!


 Captain Rainbow


Even with the rain we managed to work around it.  For example

4. We hiked to a waterfall on top of mountain

Our second full day on the island was a Saturday and the forecast called for rain most of the day.  However, the local weatherman said there would be a brief window of dryness in the morning.  We were originally planning a 6 hours hike up Waimea Canyon but had to change plans based on the weather.  We found a shorter 3 hour hike around the same area and started out much earlier than planned.  Our revised plan worked out well and we were rewarded with some astonishing views.

 Hiking 2


Hiking 4


Hiking 5


Hiking 1

Highlighted by the waterfalls at the end of the trail

Hiking 3


Kauai Waterfall

And we managed to make it off the mountain just in time.  It was pouring by the time we returned to car and the rain continued to fall hard for the rest of the day.  Careful planning and good timing served us well the entire trip, but none more so than on our beautiful hike.

5.  Marriage Equality

During our trip the Hawaiian State Legislature voted to legalize same-sex marriage and the Governor signed the bill.  How awesome is that?!  As a big supporter of Marriage Equality it felt awesome to be present for such a momentous occasion.  Proposing marriage in Kauai back in 2005 was one of the highlights of my life, and I’m thrilled to know that every person now has that right in Hawaii.  And what a positive way to end Kauai Week; thanks for joining me!





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