The Captain Loves Awkward White Boy Dancing: MR 2011-2

This week’s Two For Tuesday starts out with an obvious choice, the recently released single from Radiohead’s new album The King Of Limbs.  If you love awkward white guys dancing like they’re in a trance, then you’re gonna love Lotus Flower.

The album is kinda skimpy with only eight songs and clocking in at a brisk 37 minutes.  But at this point Radiohead can do pretty much whatever they want and fans will still eat it up.  I’m still working my way through The King Of Limbs so I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I know for sure that this is the catchiest song on the album.

Next up is Flying Overseas by Theophilus London.  I caught the video for this last month on Subterranean and I was infatuated from the get go.  The laid back  beat, infectious groove combined with Solange Knowles’ breathy vocals combine amazingly.  They’re borrowing the musical formula that Tricky made popular in the nineties, but they’re doing it so well that I don’t mind.  And damn does Solange Knowles look beautiful in the video.  It takes a truly gorgeous woman to pull off the shaved head look, and she nails it. 

Everything about this makes me wanna hop on a plane headed somewhere tropical so bad I can barely stand it.  Damn you!  Enjoy!


The Captain

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