The Captain Mourns The Fall Of The House Of Barbara

Four years ago this past week my sister and I were out looking for a place to live.  We were both moving out of separate apartments due to recent break-ups, and decided to look for a house to rent somewhere off of Fifth Street in St. Charles.  After a couple of days of fruitless searches, I took a friend’s advice and picked up a copy of the local Times Newspaper.

My sis and I stumbled upon a recently renovated three-bedroom house right behind the still-under-construction St. Charles Convention Center.  Luckily, we were the first people to tour the place.  Not only was it gorgeous, the rent was amazingly low, it had a huge deck, and it was minutes from the highway.  We signed the papers immediately, and moved in a week later.

I lived in the house on Barbara Drive through both years of grad school at UMSL and absolutely loved the place.  We had many great parties and late nites at the Barbara house, including a giant Memorial Day Bash, two massive Halloween parties and even a Beer Olympics.

I moved out of the house in 2006 for Florida, leaving behind my sister and Bill to take care of the Barbara House.  While living in Florida, the House always served as a base of operations on my trips back to St. Louis.  Coming back to visit the house was my own personal Cheers, a place where everyone knew my name.

The house is currently occupied by Bill, Doug and the notoriously absent Mark, but not for long.  Bill is taking the big leap and getting an apartment with his wonderful girlfriend Sarah.  The House of Barbara will finally fall in August.  Accordingly, we celebrated the End of an Empire in the only way that made sense:  Toga Party!

Saturday nite was one last bash to send the Barbara House out in style.  Most of the North County crew was decked out in Roman gear, with Bill dressed as Caesar and Sarah as a bad-ass Medusa.  Even some of the old crew made surprise appearances.  Here I am trading hats with Potson, decked out in his wicked North County wife-beater.

It was a fitting end to one of the best spots for parties in the city.  Beverages flowed, ping-pong balls were tossed, poor decisions were made, and everyone had a great time.  Even though it was ass-early in the morning when the party finally died down and I was ass-tired, I still had a bit of a hard time leaving.  Knowing that it was unlikely I would ever step foot in the house again was difficult to realize.

The Barbara House has been one of the few constants in my life for the past few years.  Saying goodbye to place so full of great memories truly feels like the end of an era.  To celebrate the House of Barbara, here are some of my favorite memories from the past four years.

Late nites with Cathie’s Crew

Halloween Parties

Memorial Day Bash

Thanks for the great times.  This bottle of PBR is for you!


The Captain

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