The Captain Hears The Drummer

Fact Number One – I turn 30 in less than three weeks

Fact Number Two – My hair loss is increasing at an alarming rate

Neither of these two facts is surprising to anyone that knows me.  I’ve been quietly complaining about turning 30 for the last couple of months.  I have even added the little counter on my blog to remind me about the impending passing of my twenties.

The thinning of my hair around the crown of my head has been noticeable for the last few years.  Recently the thinning seems to have accelerated, much to my chagrin.

While I’m not really freaking out about either of these facts, they both have been occupying my thoughts quite a bit lately.  If only I had some time of journal to write down my thoughts and feelings.  Some type of web log in which I could share these thoughts with others…

I think that I’m more preoccupied with the physical act of turning 30 than I am with actually being in my thirties.  For all practical purposes, I’m pretty much all ready in my thirties.  I’m married, I’m done with school, I’ve started my career, I own lots of adult-looking furniture, I wear a tie to work, I’m saving up to buy a house, I have an office.  These are all things that I associate with people in their thirties.  I think all of these things are great; they make me feel good about my station in life.

I guess I keep tripping up on the idea of a celebration for turning 30.  It’s hard to think it’s been a decade since I was a teenager.  Since my twentieth birthday, I’ve had many occasions to celebrate:  Twenty-first birthday, college graduation, bachelor parry, masters’ graduation, marriage.  I was very excited to commemorate all of these events.

A party for turning 30 will be the first time in my life that I will be celebrating something I’m not particularly excited about.  It’s not that I’m dreading turning 30, but I’m definitely not excited about the prospect.  Turning 30 starts a once-a-decade trend where family and friends will marvel at my age.  It’s a celebration that also involves some teasing.  That is definitely new.

When I turned 20, I went out and celebrated with friends.  Not once did anyone marvel that I was no longer a teenager, or tease me for not being able to purchase alcohol yet.  Pretty much every celebration in my life thus far has been devoid of teasing.1

Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with being teased.  I am rather well known for playfully teasing others, and I have no problem taking back what I dish out.  While I have no idea if anything is planned for my birthday, I’m fine with whatever.  If someone wants to throw a black-themed over the hill party on my behalf, so be it.  I’m a good sport.  If my birthday is more of a low-key dinner with family and/or friends, so be it.

I’m open for whatever when I celebrate turning 30, which I guess says a lot about actually turning 30.  People in their thirties are adults; they are expected to take teasing lightheartedly.  I’m choosing to treat turning 30 as a celebration of my adulthood.  Feel free to make a joke, I can take it.

Tomorrow I will address Fact Number Two.  It’s the Captain vs. Male Pattern Baldness, Round One!


The Captain

1  Well, almost.  My grandmother went around at my masters’ graduation party telling everyone that I looked fat.  But that was easily to address.  I told her that her hair looked like shit and then we both had a good laugh.

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